Cute Shiba Inu Puppy Videos!


Individual Videos

Shoe attack!

Suko teaches her puppies personal defense tactics!

Suko's 2013 shiba inu litter.

Wise Suko does it again! Breast feeding puppies

Shiro plays with ball!!

Shiro plays with other friendly dogs!

Shiro aprende a socializar con otros perros amigos!!

Scarlett presents her new shiba inu litter!

One of Saphie's pupppies moves his feet and tail while sleeping sweet dreams!

Suko breast feeding her three pups with a background of hawaiian music!

Tenshi's new tricks!

Three pups play with Suko for more than four minutes! Everything may happen!

Shiba Inu Playtime!

A puppy searches for Suko's breast!

Suko's taking care of her pups in her new doghouse!

Suko's second 2010 litter!

Suko's one week old shiba inu litter!

Los nuevos cachorritos de Suko!


Maria Rosa Fracassi
Barrio Balvanera, Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina.

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