How to enjoy your holidays with your shiba inu! Part 1

How to enjoy your holidays with your shiba inu!

We love to go to the Atlantic coast during holidays, and sometimes we bring our shiba inu pals with us! But they must learn how to behave. This is very very important. Your shibas must respect the place where you are living.

Shiba inus Magic y Suko de vacaciones en la costa atlantica

Shiba Inu dogs enjoying holidays

Cesar Millan’s technique

That’s why it is very very important that from the start when you enter your new ‘home’ you follow a technique described by dog psychologist Cesar Millan: “when you enter a new home, you should adopt the behavior of an alpha dog regarding your attitude and corporal posture, you should visit in first place, with your shibas behind yourself each of the new home’s rooms, making clear that this new home is yours, and that you are the boss in charge of the situation”.

Our experience as a key to success

Right male shiba inu takes alpha role

Right male shiba inu takes alpha role

I follow Cesar’s method doing the following steps:

  1. I ignore our shibas,
  2. I enter myself in first place each and every room, with our shibas behind me.
  3. I typically remain silent, calm. Sometimes I use words in an authoritative tone.
  4. I try to convey the message that I am in charge. If the dogs pull the rope, I push them backwards till they comply.

Common mistakes

  1. Never use “baby talk” with shiba inus: A very common mistake is to use “baby talk” as you would when talking to a baby. Shibas are dogs, four legged predators, not babys. When you are introducing your shiba to a new home you should use your “dog face”, making them understand that you are in charge.
  2. Never use a passive attitude or posture: Shiba Inus are very intelligent dogs, and if you adopt a passive posture or style, shibas will naturally try to take the initiative “dog style” and take control of the situation. Dogs have small brains compared to ours, they will typically start urinating to mark “their” new territory, that is your new vacation place! Worst case scenarios might imply defecating or even bitting.

Very important: you must immediately correct improper dog behavior as soon as possible:

  1. Ignore your shibas, do not look at them. Only low status dogs pay attention to their alpha leaders. You must take the alpha role, so ignore your dog and your dog will most likely start to follow and obey you!

  2. Take the initiative, don’t remain pensive or with a passive attitude. You must be the one who pulls the rope taking your shibas from room to room, take the attitude of an alpha, which is precisely the role that you must take.
  3. Immediately correct your dogs: You must correct improper behavior as soon as possible, the sooner the better. It is very important correcting your dog’s behavior as soon as possible, because if you let your dog get away with it things might get worse. We typically put the dog’s nose on the dog’s urine or feces and we give the dog a light spank telling them “no” with a loud voice. This “no” should be clearly different to the word that you use with other people, use a volume and tone different so that the dog understands the message.

Teach your dog where to do their things!

After your shibas have understood that you “own” the new home and that there you are in charge, you must tell your shibas where they can urinate and defecate, and most naturally, “mark their territory”. So enjoy a long walk, we typically take our dogs for a long walk making them run besides our bicycles.

Walking with your shiba inus

Walking with your shiba

The longer the walk, the better. Shibas are very curious dogs, they explore everything with their noses, they love to explore new places as you enjoy your holidays!

Red shiba inu Magic playing with rope!

red shiba inu magic playing with rope

red shiba inu Magic playing with rope

Shiba inu Magic plays all the time. Magic has learnt to play with the rope, and he bites it while I make him walk in circles. He waits for me to get up the stairs with his rope in his mouth, till I get up the stairs.Meanwhile Harumi and Saphie play with the last puppy who watches his father play with the rope. All dogs waggle their tails and laugh with that short gasping sigh that resembles human laughter and is an indication that they are playing!